Mental Health in the UK Construction Industry: Breaking Down the Stigma

Our industry, ‘construction’, is well known for being a high-pressured environment with long hours and physically demanding work. However, what is often overlooked is the impact that this can have on the mental health of workers, and by default also their families. Mental health issues are a serious concern in the construction industry, with high rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide.

According to a recent study by the Office for National Statistics, male construction workers are three times more likely to take their own lives than the average UK male. Furthermore, the study found that the suicide rate in construction is higher than any other industry in the UK. These statistics highlight the urgent need for action to be taken to address mental health issues in the construction industry.

The stigma around mental health is a major barrier to progress in this area. Many workers feel that admitting to mental health problems will make them appear weak or unable to cope with the demands of their job. This can lead to workers suffering in silence and not seeking the help they need.

To address this, the construction industry needs to break down the stigma around mental health and create a culture where workers feel comfortable discussing their mental health. This can be achieved through education and training for managers and employees, creating a supportive workplace culture, and providing access to mental health services and resources.

Employers have a crucial role to play in creating a positive workplace culture around mental health. This includes encouraging open communication, providing training for managers on how to support employees with mental health issues, and offering access to mental health services and resources such as employee assistance programs and mental health first aid training.

In addition to these measures, workers also have a responsibility to prioritise their own mental health. This includes recognising when they are struggling and seeking help from colleagues or professional services, practicing self-care, and taking steps to manage stress and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Finally, it is important to highlight the role that the wider industry can play in addressing mental health issues in construction. This includes promoting best practices, sharing knowledge and resources, and collaborating to create a culture of support and understanding around mental health.

You can find help and assistance via a variety of charitable organisations, including the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity who provide support for all construction workers and their families.

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